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Home Inspection Tips for New Buyers

The home inspection is an exciting and nerve-wracking time for the buyer. It’s the time right before you finally get your home, but an improper inspection could lead to troubles down the line as your home ownership. How do you get a proper inspection and what should you keep in mind during the process?

If you’re interested in learning more about getting a proper home inspection for the home you are purchasing, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more about tactics and practical steps you can take to ensure nothing is missed during the inspection of the home. The more you know, the more confident you will feel in your purchase.

Tips for Your Home Inspection


Be On-Site

First, you should be there. It’s always ideal to be present during a home inspection to point out your concerns and ask questions as you go along. Plus, you will be able to provide another set of silent eyes as the inspector does his job. You will feel much better being there in person, rather than waiting on a third-party eyewitness account.

Typically, the home inspection is the first time the inspector sets foot on the home’s foundation. You might already have potential concerns in mind, but they will not. If you’re there, you can tell them about your worries without the stress of communicating with them over the phone or after they’ve been to the house.

Ask Questions

Next, don’t be afraid to ask questions. After all, you hire a home inspector because you believe they have the proper experience to know what is wrong in a home. If you’re concerned about something, let them know. They will let you know if they think buying the location is a poor choice based on the observations made in the inspection.

Of course, ensure you respect their time on the job and the information they provide. If you trust them and they don’t think something you’re worried about is a concern, let it go. However, if you’re certain something doesn’t look solid or don’t know what they mean, feel free to ask. It’s better to get things out of the way during the inspection than after purchase.

Select Someone Trustworthy

Always choose someone trustworthy when picking your home inspector. It’s always a good idea to perform extensive research before the inspection to feel secure in your final decision. Your realtor might have a few recommendations, but unless you know the inspectors they recommended, it’s better to pick one yourself by using the available resources.

A quality inspector might require more money than anticipated on your end, but it’s always best to pay more now than later if things go wrong.

Take Photos

If you invest in a quality home inspector, they will usually take pictures of every area they inspect and crawl inside. Ensure you check with them to see if they plan on snapping these images during the hunt. Ask them to take a photo of anything that looks out of the ordinary and looks like it could be trouble if you purchase the home.

An inspector might also use infrared and thermal cameras to get the best view inside the walls. Most inspectors will have access to these additional features, but some may ask you to pay a little more for access to the tool.

Watch For Cosmetic Troubles

Look out for any potential cosmetic issues on the walls and other areas of the home during the inspection. Many homeowners will add paint and make other small repairs before selling, but sometimes they may just slap paint and other temporary fixes on top of more serious troubles. Keep an eye out for items that look more serious under the surface.

It’s typically easy to spot problem areas if you’re paying attention. Search for a piece of paint that looks newer than the covering on the rest of the wall, a partially patched floor, or other random cosmetic coverups. Your inspector should be able to tell you if there is something more serious.

Try The Plumbing

Test the plumbing attached to the home with the inspector present before committing to anything. If there is a lack of water pressure or anything drains slowly, you might have a bigger issue than it appears on the surface. It’s best to go through these systems during the home inspection.

Check to see if the shower pans and bathtubs are leak-tested. Then, ask the home inspector if they will examine the main shutoff point and the water main. It’s also helpful to have them point these locations out to you so you know where they are and how to access them once the home becomes yours.

Look In the Attic

Finally, check out the attic. An attic that works well is a necessity in any home. It offers a vital point of insulation, a good spot to store things, and an excellent place to learn about any critical repairs or fixes necessary in your home. The attic will reveal secrets buried inside the walls of the house.

For example, you might want to check to see if your bathroom fan vents into the attic. If it does, you could have humid air causing mold and other damage. Up in the attic, you can also look for leaks and other serious issues.

Home Inspection in Central Oregon

A home inspection is a critical point when purchasing a house, so it’s vital to be at the top of your game. You should be there, ask questions, select someone trustworthy for the inspection, and more to ensure everything goes as planned. The more thorough, the better your protection against a renovation nightmare once you move in.

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